Lexus RX 350L debuts in Los Angeles

2018 Lexus RX 350L badge

Lexus will introduce a seven-seat version of its RX SUV at the Los Angeles Motor Show during a press event on November 29, the 2018 RX 350L.

The RX is a big machine, so it makes sense that it uses that huge platform to carry extra passengers.

Doing that, though, will impinge on boot space, so it seems likely that the RX 350L will receive a light stretch, enabling a sliding second row and the two extra seats in the boot.

Lexus says that the new RX 350L will have “greater flexibility for passengers”, and whether that means simply having the extra row or some other configurable seating arrangement remains to be seen.

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There will also be a hybrid version, with the RX 450hL most likely launching alongside the RX 350L, if not shortly down the track. The only sticking point will be the battery pack and the space it consumes.

And yes, a diesel would be a good idea, but Lexus and diesels just don’t go together.

As soon as the RX 350L is revealed, we’ll be bringing you all the techy details. Stay tuned to SUV Authority to learn more.

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