Kahn Design Flying Huntsman 6×6 Soft Top teased

Kahn Design Flying Hunstman 6x6 Soft Top Teaser

If you haven’t heard of Afzal Kahn then it’s worth a quick trip to Google-Town. His company, Kahn Designs, takes premium SUVs and transforms them into wild versions of themselves, with the company spending most of its time on the Land Rover range.

With Mercedes-AMG having had much acclaim for its G 63 6×6, Kahn Designs turned its attention toward the Defender recently, creating the Flying Huntsman 110 6X6 Double Cab Pick Up, and the Flying Huntsman 110 6X6 Wide Body.

It seems those weren’t enough for some people, with the company now thinking about creating a convertible version. But the full details haven’t been released yet – this is our first look at the Defender on steroids.

Kahn says it brings “an element of adventure, engineering and romanticism to the most seasoned of Defender owners and enthusiasts.” Let’s not get too carried away, shall we?

Worth noting is the fact that this “teaser sketch is a statement of intent” signifying its intention to build the Flying Huntsman 6×6 Soft Top.

Kahn says goodbye to the trusty, but in this context too weak, 2.2-litre diesel for an LS3 V8. That’s 6.2 litres of muscle making 320kW and around 600Nm, backed up by GM’s six-speed auto going to all six wheels. That’s too many sixes to be comfortable with.

Kahn Designs says there’ll be more information coming in the weeks ahead. Keys, please…

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