Nissan Leaf Grand Touring coming to 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon

Nissan Leaf Grand Touring Concept Tokyo Auto Salon

Nissan will display a new all-electric crossover concept at next month’s 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon, but this time it’s quite a familiar model.

The Nissan Leaf Grand Touring concept will take an upgraded version of the Nissan Leaf’s electric drivetrain and package it in a larger, crossover body.

Nissan hasn’t released any other details about it, apart from the picture you can see above, but it comes as it also announced yesterday that Japanese buyers who purchase a Leaf in the first three months of 2018 will get a free installation of a home solar system.

They have to buy an electricity retail plan offered by Ecosystem Japan in addition to their Nissan Leaf, but by doing both they can also qualify for a discounted rate for their solar system.

The Nissan Leaf Grand Touring crossover is among 15 vehicles that Nissan will show at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon, with the other crossover of interest being the Nissan NV350 Caravan Grand Touring Concept (pictured above).

Both of these cars being exhibited at what amounts to an enthusiasts event may seem like a strange move for a company that is making a name for itself in technology, but with younger buyers wanting more and more tech from their cars, it could be a good fit.

Nissan, like other manufacturers, is also evaluating its position on motor show attendance and it may well be that Tokyo Auto Salon is a better value proposition than the Tokyo Motor Show itself.

We’ll have to wait for full details of the cars once the show starts on January 12, which is a day before the NAIAS show kicks off in Detroit.

List of Nissan cars at 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon

– Nissan LEAF Grand Touring Concept
– Nissan NV350 Caravan Grand Touring Concept
– Nissan X-Trail Grand Touring Concept
– Nissan Fairlady Z Heritage Edition
– Nissan Elgrand Special Edition
– Nissan Note e-POWER C-Gear
– Nissan Serena e-POWER AUTECH Concept
– Nissan Note e-POWER AUTECH Concept
– Nissan X-Trail AUTECH Concept
– Nissan Serena NISMO
– Nissan Note e-POWER NISMO (equipped with NISMO sports parts)
– Nissan GT-R NISMO
– Nissan X-Trail (NISMO Performance Package)
– MOTUL AUTECH GT-R (participated in the 2016 Super GT GT500)

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