2017 Peugeot 3008 recalled for fire risk

2017 Peugeot 3008 recall

Peugeot is making big inroads with its 3008 SUV but a hiccup in its build has caused the French manufacturer to issue a recall. Don’t worry if you’ve just bought a new one – this is the previous version.

The problem stems from the fuel system, which is not something you want to get wrong. Unfortunately, in this case, Peugeot has had an issue.

The company says that an aerodynamic sheath that surrounds the 3008 fuel pipe can rub a bit too much during driving, and this causes friction.

In some circumstances, with enough friction, this rubbing action against the sheath can actually create a fuel leak.

Imagine a fuel leak under the car, while you’re stopped at a set of traffic lights – the fuel leaking onto hot parts – not pretty indeed. In fact, the company says it could actually ignite, creating the perfect conditions for a car fire, which is why it has created this recall.

The other reason is fuel on the road while driving can cause cars traveling behind to have their tires affected by the fuel (which tends to eat away and melt rubber), which could potentially cause them to lose grip and lose control.

Peugeot will contact affected owners by mail and advise them to head to a dealer to get a new sheath fitted.

The new sheath is affixed properly so that it won’t rub against the fuel pipe, avoiding any future issues.

But probably the best course of action isn’t to wait for a letter. Get to a dealer and find out if your car is subject to this recall. Let’s just hope the fuel pipe sheath doesn’t rub too much on your way there.

Vehicles sold between 5 April 2016 and 24 August 2017 are affected.

This recall comes after a previous recall which covered the starter-motor supply terminal. Peugeot said the terminal may have come into contact with another part of the engine if it moves too much.

This had the potential to damage the supply terminal and could lead to a short circuit, making starting the car difficult.

Again, owners should have been contacted by their dealer to have that issue rectified.

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