Kia SP Concept points to new SUV for India

Kia SP Concept side view

Kia will unveil a new concept at the New Delhi motor show (Auto Expo 2018), called the Kia SP Concept.

Sitting next to 16 of Kia’s global cars, the SP Concept is said to be a “hint” at Kia’s plan to soon bring an SUV to the Indian market, along with a refreshed range of products.

This is to celebrate the introduction of Kia as a mainstream brand in the subcontinent. The company has been a presence in just about every major market across the globe, except for India, which is why it’s using this opportunity to bring its vehicles to Indian consumers.

Kia SP Concept rear view

The company’s president, Han-Woo Park, declared that with the SP Concept, Kia is gearing up to “set a new standard in the Indian auto industry by providing consumers with world-class products and services, while engaging with and giving back to the local community.”

Even the Kia India website says “Kia Motors is gearing up for a brand new start”, advertising job positions and stating that the company will be a new landmark in India.

“All of us at Kia Motors are extremely proud to take our first steps into one of world’s largest automotive markets”, said Han-Woo Park.

The SP Concept is said to be “inspired by Indian heritage” – we’re not quite sure what that means – and will feature “breakthrough technology”, though Kia Motors India hasn’t released any technical details as yet.

From what we can see in the teaser images, it should be a small to medium SUV, similar in size to the Range Rover Evoque.

While concepts aren’t motivated by anything special, if the concept is turned into reality, you can assume the company’s 1.6-turbo will find its way under the bonnet at some point.

The Indian market will bear automatics that are a bit older, with plenty of four-speed autos running around, so you could expect a four-speeder as standard, with upmarket models to possibly come with a six-speed auto.

When more details come to light, you can be sure we’ll bring them to you. Stay tuned to SUV Authority for the latest.

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