Mahindra Roxor specs and video

Mahindra Roxor in red

Mahindra has unveiled its new offroad model, the Mahindra Roxor, in the US.

To be built at the new manufacturing plant close to Detroit, Michigan, the Roxor won’t be a street legal machine, unfortunately.

Instead, it’s designed to appeal to those ready to hit the dirt, as a replacement (or upgrade, depending on how you look at it) for an ATV.

So far, it’s only for sale in the US, however we can see that being widened once demand starts to build.

Mahindra Roxor rear three quarter view


The Mahindra Roxor is based loosely on the Mahindra Thar, a Jeep Wrangler-like off-road vehicle, however the Roxor has been changed so as not to conflict with Jeep patents (including design).

You could call it a barebones version of the Thar, with no doors, no hard top roof option, and – here’s where the street legal part goes out the window – no windscreen.

The dashtop is fashioned from steel, instead of moulded plastic like its street legal counterpart, and the whole interior can easily be hosed out to clean it.

Under the short bonnet you’ll find a 2.5-litre four-cylinder diesel engine which, despite being turbocharged, only makes 62 horsepower (47kW). However, at least the torque is decent – 144 pound-feet (195Nm).

Considering the Roxor only weighs around 1.3-tonnes, that should be enough to get it up and going, thanks to a five speed manual. In addition, there’s a low-range transfer case, which along with its ladder frame chassis and long travel suspension should see the Roxor able to get up and over most obstacles.

We’re told that there will be a heap of accessories from dealers, including a heavy duty winch setup (in several grades), LED light bars, offroad suitable wheels, and plenty of scope for customisation, too.

Mahindra Roxor side by side racing

A heap of colours in both paint and vinyl wrap finishes will enable owners to make the vehicle their own.

The Roxor also gets very basic front seats – who worries about comfort when you’re up to your axles in mud – plus a heavy duty grab handle for passenger entry.

The instrumentation is limited to a simple gauge cluster centrally mounted, but you’ll also be pleased to know it gets cupholders as standard.

Supplied as a kit from India, the Roxor’s manufacturing process is more assembly than creative, but as more demand builds, more input from the American side will likely see extra seat options and other accessory additions.

The Roxor won’t be found in Mahindra’s tractor dealerships but will find their way into ATV specialist retailers’ showrooms.

Mahindra Roxor pricing

Mahindra says that the Roxor will sell for around US$15,000 or Rs 10 lakh in Indian currency.