Aston Martin Lagonda SUV to launch in 2021

Lagonda SUV front three quarter
Image: Auto Express

Aston Martin’s electric-only brand, Lagonda, will launch its first standalone model – an SUV – by 2021.

The revelation comes after the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, where a 40 per cent scale model of both an SUV and a coupe were shown to select customers; the models were hidden away at the back of the Lagonda stand.

Auto Express is reporting that the Lagonda SUV will hit the market before the coupe, and that it will happen two years earlier than the 2023 timeline that was touted previously.

It’s understood that the Aston Martin Varekai will share its platform with the new Lagonda crossover, but the drivetrains will be very different.

Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin, told Auto Express that the Lagonda brand will only feature electric vehicles (EVs).

“If it’s an Aston, it’s probably got a gasoline engine and it’s probably got a V-configuration,” Palmer said. “It might or might not have a hybrid attached to it. But if it’s a Lagonda, you know what you’re getting: it’s 100 per cent electric.”

It’s thought that the Lagonda SUV will be built in the same factory as the Aston Martin Varekai (DBX) but Palmer wouldn’t confirm that this was the case.

Palmer also hinted that the Lagonda brand needed to build its name before being able to be sold in standalone dealerships.

“In the UK you could do it through a separate dealer network, but around the world Lagonda isn’t as well understood, so I think in the first instance it will be born out of Aston Martin,” said Palmer. “We’re seeing traction from the Aston Martin brand centres around the world where people don’t feel as though they’re buying a car, so I could see Lagonda centres in big cities.”

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