Bentley Bentayga gets James Bond security tech

Bentley Bentayga fingerprint lock

Bentley’s Mulliner division has come up with a nifty way to conceal your valuables when you’ve purchased your Bentayga.

And given Ian Fleming’s James Bond originally drove a Bentley, it’s quite appropriate that the security option for your Bentley Bentayga comes straight from a Bond flick.

The Bentayga will get a capacitive fingerprint sensor which allows you to lock various items inside a high-pressure die-cast aluminium storage unit.

Bentley says it’s the perfect way to store your valuables “while at the beach, on the ski slope or utilising valet parking services.”

The option is called the “Mulliner Biometric Secure Stowage unit” and it also comes with two USB ports as well as a 3.5mm auxiliary socket which allows you to charge devices whether they’re inside or outside the storage unit.

You can also hook it up to the infotainment system using the USB port, which allows the car to access Apple CarPlay, so if you don’t want your phone viewed by prying eyes, but still want to play some tunes from it, this new storage device could be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

“The Mulliner Biometric Secure Stowage unit is hidden from view,” said Uday Senapati, Mulliner’s Head of Technical Operations. “We are incorporating the familiar capacitive fingerprint sensor technology from smartphones that can store multiple fingerprints, allowing the user to control who accesses their valuables.”

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid satellite navigation

And that’s not the only high-tech system found in the company’s SUV.

Bentley has also announced that a plug-in version of the vehicle, the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid, will get a new sat-nav system which it calls “intelligent”.

Of course, just putting intelligent in the name isn’t going to impress people, so what it does is quite remarkable.

When a user types in a destination, the system works out the distance to be covered, corners, ascents and descents and then figures out the best split of electric drive or petrol motor for the trip.

Then, the Bentayga Hybrid chooses the best drive mode over each section of the journey, an recalculates the battery storage and usage during the drive, readjusting the petrol-electric ratio along the way.

If in city centres, it will also switch to electric-only to reduce pollution – very smart.

Bentley says the system even reduces the charge level to zero right as the Bentayga gets to its destination, which increases its overall efficiency and prolongs the battery life of the vehicle.

Intelligent indeed.

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