Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Concept revealed

VW Atlas Tanoak view from top

Update: 29-3-18
Volkswagen has revealed the new pickup as a concept – the Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Concept.

If you’re wondering where the name comes from, it’s a tree native to the Pacific Coast of North America.

Size-wise, the concept pickup is 5,438mm long, 2,030mm wide and 1,844mm tall. The cargo tray measures 1,627mm x 1,450mm x 530mm. Usable enough for most jobs around the house.

The Atlas Tanoak Concept receives VW’s 3.6-litre V6 petrol engine which makes 276 hp and 266 pound-feet of torque, sending drive to all four wheels via a ZF eight-speed automatic. It will hit 60mph in 8.5 seconds.

The all-wheel-drive setup is VW’s 4MOTION system which can activate on- and off-road modes depending on the surface.

In addition, there’s a low-range transfer case, but it remains to be seen whether anyone goes off-roading on the concept’s 20-inch wheels.

VW Atlas Tanoak interior

At this stage, it’s only a design study used to gauge public feedback.

Here’s our take – build it. Build it now.

It looks like the US could get a Volkswagen pickup after all. While the rest of the world got the Volkswagen Amarok, the US missed out on the utility.

According to a report from Automotive News Europe, a new, large pickup based on the same platform as the full-size Volkswagen Atlas could be on its way.

The MQB platform is able to be scaled to suit various needs, with the Atlas already spawning five and seven seat models. A pickup, therefore, isn’t much of a (literal) stretch.

ANE cites “sources familiar with the matter” and says that the vehicle, which is in concept form currently, will be unveiled at the New York Motor Show (NYIAS) this week.

While the company officially denies the project, insiders have said that Volkswagen needs to get customers back on board after the past few years. One way to do this is to build cars to suit local tastes, and something that Americans love is big pickups.

Ford, for example, has focussed on increasing its SUV and light-truck model count, stating that it will make up 86 percent of its U.S. sales by 2020. Contrast this with VeeDub’s light-truck slice of its pie, which sits at almost 23 percent.

But a source close to the project told ANE that it won’t be sold outside North America.

“I don’t think anyone will be able to get the cost calculation right since you need the volumes,” a source told Automotive News Europe. “The Atlas … and its coming five-seat derivative can get that since both can be sold in China [as the Teramont], but a pickup like this would likely just be for the U.S. and Canadian market.”

More details will be announced at the New York Motor Show.

Stay tuned to SUV Authority for the latest 2018 NYIAS coverage.

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