Buick SUV for China teased

Buick SUV China teaser

Buick has teased a new SUV to be launched in China later this year. To be revealed in Shanghai on April 17, the new crossover could be based on the Chevrolet Bolt.

While at this stage, the electric-only SUV is a concept, it’s being called the Buick Enspire, and will be first displayed at the Buick Brand Night in Wuzhen, Zhejiang, before going on public display at Auto Expo China 2018, otherwise known as the Beijing motor show.

In mid-November last year, GM’s CEO, Mary Barra, used the Barclays Global Automotive Conference in New York to state that there were plans to build a couple of crossovers, which would share “basic components” with the Chevy Bolt.

What those components were wasn’t revealed, but this is what leads us to believe the Buick Enspire could be one of those.

Buick says that the Enspire “is the brand’s latest example of innovation and application of future electric smart mobility.”

Clearly, Buick wants to sell more SUVs into China, which is why the concept is being launched there. It’s also why the car is coated in an eye-catching red colour. But having an EV also keeps Chinese regulators happy, cutting down on emissions.

But with over 80 per cent of Buick’s vehicles being sold there, this isn’t such a surprise. Around nine million Buicks have been sold in China – thanks to a tie-up between SAIC and General Motors – since 1998.

At the Barclay’s conference, Barra said that GM plans to launch 20 new electric vehicles by 2023, with some of them to be SUVs or crossovers. Which means there’s plenty more news to come.

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