Mitsubishi e-VOLUTION concept to be shown in Tokyo

Mitsubishi e-VOLUTION Tokyo Motor Show

Mitsubishi’s focus on SUVs will be embodied at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show when the company shows its latest concept car – the Mitsubishi e-VOLUTION.

Combined with artificial intelligence (AI), the e-VOLUTION is said to be a combination of Mitsubishi’s “knowhow of EV and all-wheel drive expertise, and takes it to a new level.” The concept car is what Mitsubishi says is a new generation of high-performance EV crossover, showcasing what the company is capable of.

e-Volution press shot

The e-VOLUTION has three electric motors running an all-wheel-drive system, with one motor driving the front wheels, while the rear axle has been designed to use two motors to control the rear wheels through electric torque-vectoring.

Okay, so all-wheel-drive, full EV experience and it’s an SUV so it covers all bases, right?

But here’s where the weird stuff starts happening. The AI has a coaching function which reads the driver’s style and skill level, and after “understanding” how the driver reacts to situations, the system builds a training program. Yep, you get your own advanced driving coach.

Then, though visual and audio cues, it starts instructing the driver on how to improve. Remember, folks, this is just a concept. Whether it’s actually functional instead of being a static display on a motor show stand is a whole other story.

We’ll let you know about any developments after the motor show, which starts in two weeks’ time.

Also to be displayed is the new Eclipse Cross coupe SUV for the domestic market, which will be unveiled in Japan for the first time.