Harrop Superado: An insane 600hp V8 Colorado

Harrop Superado front view

While Australia mourned the loss of the V8-powered ute when the Holden Commodore ceased local production, another V8 ute is about to hit the streets.

It’s called the Harrop Superado and it takes a Holden (Chevrolet) Colorado and ditches the 2.8-litre diesel, swapping it for a supercharged 6.2-litre V8.

You’d think that would have been enough. But no, Harrop hasn’t left the Chevrolet LSA just sitting in the engine bay, there has been some pretty extensive work done to it.

The standard supercharger has been pulled off, being replaced by Harrop’s Magnuson TVS2650 supercharger kit. Again, that’s still not enough grunt. So, a new free-flowing custom exhaust system has been fitted, with the two combining to help the Superado produce a massive 600hp. Here’s the dyno sheet.

Harrop Superado dyno

Not bad for a dual-cab ute – 600hp should keep most people happy.

The power is channeled to all four wheels via GM’s 6L80 6 speed Automatic transmission, which matches nicely to the LSA.

The upgrades don’t stop there, though. The suspension can be done in two versions – one for street or one for off-roading.

The street option sits a bit lower, has stiffer springs and is designed to help the Colorado’s chassis deal with the extra grunt, while the off-road package has a higher but softer setup enabling the most traction for hitting the dirt.

Harrop Superado side view

Wheels and tyres are designed specifically for the Superado, with striking colour packages available.

Inside, there are upgrades to the seats and trim, and the whole package is said to cost around AU$40,000.

Compare that with the HSV Colorado SportsCat and the Superado suddenly seems like excellent value for money.

While the Superado gets a stonking engine under the hood, the SportsCat makes do with the standard GM diesel engine, yet still costs similar money once you factor in the Superado’s donor vehicle.

Of course, the HSV SportsCat is designed to take on the Ford Ranger Raptor, but even Ford’s offering seems a bit asthmatic compared with the Superado.

Harrop supplies a warranty for its parts, so it seems like a no-brainer.

Check out the video below to see (and hear) the Superado in action.

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