Car companies are happy with bad drivers

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Their adverts prove it.

It’s natural for car companies to show off their wares in advertising. Years ago it was how fast the car was, how well it handled or its ability to powerslide around a track.

Check out this Ford Falcon ute ad which put the Ford up against a rocket car.

But the PC brigade put an end to that way of advertising. You can’t show a vehicle doing anything remotely exciting. Instead, it’s all about showing off the car’s technology. Its touchscreen infotainment system, the quality of the interior, or even how many people can fit inside.

But more than anything these days, it’s the active safety systems which are being demonstrated. But therein lies a challenge.

How do you show what these systems can do for you? It’s simple – put a really bad driver behind the wheel. Let’s have a look at a few examples from the last few months.

Here’s Mazda’s ad for its CX-8. It’s a lovely vehicle and we enjoyed our time behind the wheel. But in the advert this driver clearly doesn’t know how to keep his car on the road.

Showing someone running wide like that is not the best way to show off your car. But Mazda’s not the only guilty party.

Nissan’s X-Trail ad shows a dad who’s more concerned with what his daughter is listening to than watching the road in front.

A father should be a role model. And if his daughter is going to grow up driving like that, we’re going to be surrounded by bad drivers.

And what about this one from Mitsubishi which shows the driver of an Eclipse Cross that isn’t looking out for pedestrians and relies on the car to stop for him.

It’s only at the last minute that he notices. Again, you would think that having such a bad driver on display in an advert is not a great idea, but someone at the car company approved this piece of advertising, and someone storyboarded the concept. It’s not an oversight, it’s intentional.

If car companies are putting this sort of driving on display, surely that is more of a concern than someone who is both enjoying their car but is also able to control it?

Which is worse: someone on a racetrack making the most of their machine, or someone who would kill a pedestrian if it weren’t for the autonomous braking system?

Let us know in the comments below.

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