Land Rover cautious about showing concepts

Land Rover Discovery Testing

You may have noticed the lack of Land Rover concept cars of late. There was the LRX, which became the Evoque, and then there was the Defender DC100 concept of a few years ago. But we haven’t seen much since then.

The reason is quite simple – Land Rover believes that Chinese companies will simply copy the designs and bring them to market, without any consequences.

Range Rover Evoque ripoff

Remember the Landwind X7? We can all agree, a blatant rip off of the Range Rover Evoque. Land Rover promptly sued Jiangling Motors, the makers of the Landwind, over copyright infringement, and the case was dismissed by the Chinese authorities. It’s this sort of behaviour that has made the company very reluctant to showcase new ideas at motor shows.

Gerry McGovern, chief of design at Land Rover, told Auto Express at the launch of the updated Range Rover Vogue, that the company was “wary of showing new concepts” because of the lack of copyright protection in China.

This may not be the last we hear about this, with Chinese manufacturer Zotye copying the Porsche Macan, VW Tiguan and Smart ForTwo, so there may be more manufacturers who stop bringing concepts to motor shows.