Best SUV for first time owners

Subaru Crosstrek

There are a number of reasons to invest in an SUV. Perfect for those who love the outdoors, SUVs are able to traverse rough terrain while still enjoying a comfortable, smooth ride within the city or suburban streets. And, of course, most SUVs are durable vehicles that can hold up throughout the brutal weather changes of winter and spring.

Whether you’re a growing family, first-time car owner, or just someone ready to make a change in their lifestyle, here is a list of some of the best options to consider when purchasing a new SUV.

Subaru Crosstrek

Perhaps the proverbial king of off-roaders, Subaru has always set the standard for SUV capability. And Subaru has continuously ramped up the features for their Crosstrek, making it perhaps the hardiest crossover SUVs on the road today.

Later generations of the Crosstrek have seen hybrid engines and touring, heated features such as mirrors and seats, and a 7-inch touchscreen interface with smartphone integration. Reviewers have noted its slow acceleration, but no one can deny its off-road capabilities.

Honda Pilot

2018 Honda Pilot front view

The Honda Pilot has always emphasized that it is indeed an SUV, not a minivan. To sure up this point, they have toughened up the overall design of the vehicle, with sharp edges to make sure you know it can be as rugged as the rest.

As for space, its third-rows seating allows you to pack your kids, your friends, or your gear along for the ride, giving it the cargo-carrier purpose you might be looking for. When switched into all-wheel drive, however, it can tow a whopping 5,000 pounds, making it ideal for those who may need to do a bit more than people-moving.

GMC Terrain

2018 GMC Terrain driving shot

This monster of an SUV packs the power of a truck and the comfort of a compact crossover. With a smooth ride, steady handling, and car-like driving experience, drivers of all experience levels will feel comfortable driving through the city. It also has moved in the right direction with a four-link rear suspension to solidify its performance on those tough to navigate back-roads.

In addition to large third-row seating and plenty of cargo space, the GMC Terrain is known as a luxury vehicle, perfect for those looking to ride on a cloud on the interstates and feel like a mudder in the wilderness.

Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan Pathfinder

While Nissan has traditionally been known for their sedans people-movers, the company has broke into the SUV with the Nissan Pathfinder. This crossover is perfect for drivers whose concern is getting their children from A to B, thanks to the seven seats and large cargo space. Four-wheel drive is an added strong suit for the vehicle and may be another bonus for those who suffer through snowy winters as well.

Here’s what matters

When buying a new SUV, everything counts. The looks, the feel, the performance, and the utility all play a role in selecting the right ride for you. Identify what needs are most important to you, and you’re sure to become an SUV owner for life.

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