2019 Toyota Prius V to be a crossover

2017 Toyota Prius V
Toyota's largest hybrid is becoming a crossover

With the world going SUV and crossover mad, it’s understandable that manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon. Toyota’s latest (and largest) hybrid, the Prius V, has been caught undergoing testing and it, too, has caught the crossover bug.

While the front end is immediately identifiable as a Prius V, the design is now more in line with the latest Prius. However its taller ride height gives the game away, with a stance more like an SUV than the minivan you see above. The car spotted testing also had the back end from a Lexus NX, hinting even more that a higher-riding hybrid is on the way.

We know that it runs on Toyota’s TNGA modular platform, which helps to keep the weight down – helpful, considering the weight of battery packs. But it also allows a more sporty drive than what the current Prius V has.

Under the bonnet, Toyota won’t be taking any chances and will most likely use an uprated version of the current 1.8-litre four-pot engine with electric assistance.

As ever, SUV Authority will keep you up to date with any further developments.

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