London starts taxing diesel cars and SUVs

London pollution

From today, anyone driving a diesel SUV which was registered before 2006 will have to pay a levy of £10 over and above the £11.50 congestion charge to come into west London and the financial district.

The levy also applies to petrol engines registered before 2006, and it has been instituted by the Mayor of London.

“The air is bad, but it’s also a killer,” Mayor Sadiq Khan told Reuters. “There are children in London whose lungs are underdeveloped. There are adults who suffer a whole host of conditions caused by the poor quality air from asthma to dementia to suffering strokes.”

“There’s a budget coming up and the government’s got to step up and announce the diesel scrappage scheme to help families and businesses,” said Mr Khan.

The government in Britain stated earlier this year that the sale of new diesel and petrol SUVs and cars would be banned from 2040 meaning fuel cell or EVs would be the only option.