Suzuki Jimny four-door in the pipeline

Suzuki Jimny Four Door

Suzuki is considering a four-door version of its ever-popular Jimny off-roader. Also in the works is a utility version of Suzuki’s diminutive SUV, and while the two models haven’t been confirmed just yet, there’s plenty of interest from customers and dealers alike.

Michael Pachota, general manager Suzuki Australia, confirmed that the possibility of a four-door Jimny was raised with Suzuki management recently.

Speaking with SUV Authority at the launch of the 2019 Suzuki Jimny, Mr Pachota wouldn’t be drawn on the timing of such a model, but did say that the Australian arm of the Japanese company would take it if it could get it.

“Questions were raised at the last distributors meeting,” said Mr Pachota. “The question was asked about a four-door Jimny and a ute and we said all hands are up in the air.”

The idea of a four-door Jimny isn’t new. The subcontinent has actually had its own version of a long-wheelbase Jimny, calling it the Maruti Gypsy. The Gypsy, which was also sold in New Zealand as the Suzuki Farm Worker, was a lengthened version of the SJ40 Jimny and was mainly used because of its tolerance for bad roads.

Originally it was created as a soft-top and became quite popular with the Indian police, however as more and more Indian buyers opted to fit their Gypsy models with aftermarket hardtops, Maruti (as Suzuki is known in India) brought out its own factory hard top.

A version of the Gypsy with a wider track was also released, adding an extra 90mm between the wheels.

Currently, the new Jimny hasn’t been launched in India as Maruti is holding out for the subsequent four-door version, which it says will sell very well. However, it could be shooting itself in the foot by not offering the Jimny in its current two-door form, as there appears to be quite a bit of interest in the diminutive off-roader.

Of course, one of the drawcards of the 2019 Suzuki Jimny is its short wheelbase, enabling it to ramp over obstacles with ease. With a 28-degree break-over angle, a longer wheelbase version would see that drop to perhaps 23 degrees or less.

Tell us what you think – would you be interested in a Suzuki Jimny four-door?

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