Honda CR-V, Haval H2 and LDV T60 get five-star safety

LDV T60 Ute Five Star ANCAP

The Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) has released the latest round of crash-test results and three SUVs have received top marks, including two Chinese-built vehicles.

The LDV T60 work utility, made by SAIC Motor Corporation (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, in case you were wondering), was lauded for its excellent crash test result, however it was noted that like every other commercial ute, there is no autonomous braking capability.

Still, it’s the first Chinese-built commercial vehicle to have received a five star safety rating. And it appears that autonomous braking may be on the way later on.

With Ford’s Ranger and Mazda’s BT-50 set to get AEB in forthcoming upgrades, it may force LDV to add the same technology to its work ute to maintain its five-star safety score.

Haval H2 Five Star ANCAP

Also receiving top marks was the Haval H2, which is the first of Haval’s vehicles to receive five stars. All H2s from 2015 retrospectively get the high score.

Haval is Great Wall Motors’ SUV division, and if the same scores can be achieved by the rest of the range (Haval H6, Haval H8 and Haval H9), the company will be on a winner.

“Haval came close with its large SUV, the H9, which scored 4 stars when rated last year but the H2 improves on that rating, reaching 5 stars through increased levels of occupant protection,” said ANCAP’s CEO, James Goodwin.

Honda CR-V Five Star ANCAP

Rounding out this series of SUV crash tests is the Honda CR-V, which has the five star rating applied to all variants.

ANCAP noted that in testing, all physical crash tests had low injury readings, so even after a vehicle has passed through the active safety mechanisms, the occupants still get maximum protection.

This is important because although the active safety tech will help to prevent a crash caused by the driver, nothing can prepare a car for being T-boned through an intersection or being sideswiped by an inattentive driver on their mobile phone.

Passive safety and crash ratings still play a very important role in safety testing.

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