Rezvani Tank V6 ready for SEMA

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If you haven’t heard of the Rezvani Tank by now, let’s just say that’s going to change.

It is, as the name suggests, a tank, but it uses a Jeep Wrangler as its basis, and then custom builder, Rezvani Motors, goes to town on it.

With custom body work and engine modification, it’s every bit as capable as its Wrangler donor, but just look at it – if this thing doesn’t shout “Get the hell out of my way!” then nothing will.

Rolling shot

Inside it’s mostly a Wrangler, with select pieces being enhanced, but from the outside it’s has been cleverly built around the Wrangler Unlimited body with every panel coming in for cosmetic enhancement, but look closer as you can still see Jeep details.

The glass is identical, as are the door surrounds – look past the bits hanging off it and the Wrangler shape starts to come through.

Regardless, it’s a very fresh take on what most converters offer. The Tank unveiled a few weeks ago had a 6.4-litre HEMI V8 shoehorned under the bonnet, which makes sense given the FCA connection, but now – just in time for SEMA – Rezvani Motors is offering a V6 version.

And yes, it’s the Pentastar V6 that you’ll normally find in a Wrangler – the 3.6-litre unit.

front three quarter

The reason? Well, it always come down to cost. For the Rezvani Tank V8 you’ll shell out a cool US$178,000. Ouch.

Fear not, those with deep pockets but short arms – the V6 starts at a far more reasonable US$146,000.

rear three quarter

The options list is also daunting. Thermal night vision cameras, military-style run-flat tyres and bullet-proof glass – just the stuff you need for post-apocalyptic living.

Ballistic armor for the body, fuel tank, floorpan and radiator as well as gas masks and any other self-defence mechanism you can think of can also be added.

Time to start putting those spare five cent pieces away.

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