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You may have noticed a trend that has swept across the globe over the past decade or two; the world has gone mad for SUVs – and so have we.

Whether it’s the high seating position, the extra space and practicality that a wagon-style body brings, or just the ability to mount a kerb without scraping the underneath of your car – we don’t care why you love SUVs, we just want you to enjoy the journey with us. There’s no judgement or favouritism – everyone can use an SUV in their life.

We love feedback, so feel free to get in touch; just be nice – we have feelings, too.

If you’d like to see specific models tested or want to hear more about a certain topic, drop us a line.

And no-one’s perfect (we think we’re humble enough to admit that…), so if you see a mistake – spelling or factual – please let us know. We’re always free for a chat.

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